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Common Core State Standards

Our children’s futures depend on how well we prepare them for success after high school – whether that means college, career training or the workplace. In the 2014-15 school year, most of our nation’s states will transition to new, K-12 academic standards for math and English language arts. Known as the Common Core State Standards, they were developed by experienced educators, leaders and experts nationwide and are benchmarked to top performing schools around the world. These new standards are described as being fewer, higher and clearer for students and teachers in order to prepare children for the world they will enter.

The Foundation has collected these resources to communicate future changes, address questions and concerns, and inform parents, educators, communities and lawmakers about this important shift.


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Common Questions About Common Core

What Every Parent Should Be Asking about Education Data 

Setting the Record Straight on Common Core:


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Intro to Common Core for Families in English and Spanish

Examples of the Standards

Old Standards v. Common Core:

More Voices on Common Core:


CCSS Toolkit