#EdPolicyOnline: John White and Dr. John King Talk Assessment

Check out the latest EdPolicy Leaders Online sneak peek – The Need for Fewer and Better Assessments.

A few weeks ago, EdPolicy Leaders Online began a series of exclusive sneak peeks into our introductory course; Securing Our Nation’s Future: The Urgent Need for Education Reform. While there is no silver bullet to change the course of American schools, this course provides insight into a number of proven education reform policies. And we will be highlighting these reform efforts over the upcoming weeks.

Our last post discussed the importance and purpose of school accountability systems and the need for higher standards. This week, we build on that principle by providing access to the EdPolicy Leaders Online video Key Reform Efforts: Assessments, which contains commentary from:

In this video, our presenters discuss the reasons why we test, how assessments are used to better student learning, why cut scores should be rigorous and the need for fewer and better assessments.

“We do testing because it reveals a version of the truth. It reveals the honest reality of what’s going on with children’s learning.”
– John White State Superintendent of Education, Louisiana


Key Reform Efforts: Assessment from EdPolicy Leaders Online on Vimeo.


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