Idaho Releases Mastery Education Pilot Participants


April 22, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Idaho Department of Education announced the first group of schools that will participate in the newly created Idaho Mastery Education Network (IMEN). The Idaho Department of Education selected 19 regionally diverse schools, who are developing unique approaches to mastery education, to participate in the pilot program.  

“Idaho is on the cutting edge of a movement that promises to reshape the way we approach education in the Information Age. We have long had the desire to personalize education for each child, but moving forward requires states to lift the artificial timeframe of a school year from their classrooms,” said Patricia Levesque, CEO for the Foundation for Excellence in Education. “This allows students to learn at a flexible pace, moving through course material as they master it. Idaho has taken this crucial step for its students and families, and they, as well as the state, will be better prepared for the demands of the 21st century workforce.” 

 In 2015, Governor Butch Otter signed H. 0110 into law, directing the department of education to guide an initial group of schools in a transition to mastery education beginning in the 2016-2017 school year. Over the last year, the Idaho Department of Education has led an awareness and application process to identify locally-developed approaches to mastery education in an effort to help them flourish. 

 Participants include: 

Mastery education, also called competency-based education, is a system that considers the redesign of education from an age-based grade level system to one where students advance based on the levels of learning they have mastered. The new system is comprehensive and can include fundamental changes in schedules, calendars, assessment and grading. 

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