Happy 50th Birthday to Sesame Street from ExcelinEd!

For 50 years, Sesame Street has been helping kids across the globe grow smarter, stronger and kinder. In this post, the ExcelinEd team shares how television’s longest-running children’s show has touched their lives.

Kassandra Elekes, Deputy Director of State Communications

“Sesame Street has been a favorite in our house for years, and it’s currently helping our youngest master an essential life skill (if she would only sit still)!”

Sam Duell, Policy Director for Charter Schools

“My favorite Sesame Street memory is Ernie’s song, ‘I don’t want to live on the moon.’ I sing it with my kids on an almost nightly basis.”

Kayla Ward, Policy Analyst

“I still remember being a preschooler and reading my Sesame Street alphabet books with my mom. ‘Let’s eat the letter C!’ is still an inside joke I share with my siblings. I was proud of how well I could read in kindergarten and that was thanks to Sesame Street! Whether it is was letters, numbers or learning about different cultures, Sesame Street was part of my preK-3rd grade education.

Kristin Lock, Director of Marketing & Digital

“My brother and I dressed up as Gonzo and Miss Piggy for Halloween in 1989. My mom made the costumes, and I can still remember how itchy the nose was to wear! Since then, I’ve passed along my love for all things Muppets and Sesame Street to my daughter.”


Adriana Harrington, Policy Director of Innovation

“My two-year-old daughter Alena is a lifelong fan of Elmo!”

James Mosteller, Senior Advocacy Associate for Florida

James Mosteller’s two-year-old daughter Harris loves reading Sesame Street books!

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