#Fact Friday: Back to School with Choice


Believe it or not, nearly 25% of the U.S. population is enrolled in K-12 or postsecondary education – that’s 76.4 million people! Of that, 56.6 million are enrolled in a K-12 public or private school and approximately 1.7 million are homeschool students 

And this year, thanks to courageous families and policymakers, more students than ever are going back to school with choice. From public school choice options such as charter schools and magnet programs to private school choice programs such as tax-credit scholarships and or Education Scholarship Accounts families are empowered to make the best decision for their unique needs.

Of the 56.6 million public and private school students, just 3.7 million (around 7%) are using a private choice program or attending a public charter school.   

These numbers don’t include the nearly 2 million estimated homeschool students or the millions of students using public school open enrollment or who are enrolled in a magnet program.  

Meanwhile, one in every five families has moved to a new neighborhood so their children can attend a specific school – an effort that requires money, job flexibility and sacrifice – and still leaves many students behind.  

At ExcelinEd, we envision a day when families won’t have to change zip codes to find the best educational fit for their children. This vision requires states to pass legislation enabling more choice for all families. As we head into a new school year, let’s keep the families who lack opportunity top-of-mind.   

Learn more about how education choice opens doors and creates educational opportunity for families across the country. 

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