#FactFriday: AP Computer Science participation on the rise – including for female and minority students


Code.org recently released the 2019 State of Computer Science Education report, and the latest findings are very encouraging. Not only are the number of high schools teaching AP computer science and the number of students taking the exams increasing – but more of those are female and minority students. This means a more diverse group of students are learning the skills needed to power the jobs of the future and grow our country’s technology and financial might.

Code.org and members of the Code.org Advocacy Coalition – of which ExcelinEd is a member – have been working on improving access to high-quality computer science opportunities for all students.

Although access to computer science is growing, many students remain on the sidelines. If we want to continue to see the significant technological gains of the past decades, we need to continue to invest in the brains of the future.

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