Network of State Innovation Partners

Advancing Student-Centered Learning

Recognizing the need to support the continuing evolution of innovative education models and programs in schools across the nation, the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd) advocates for the state adoption and implementation of innovation and pilot programs. To assist state staff and partner organizations supporting these efforts, ExcelinEd has launched the Network of State Innovation Partners (Network). Our current cohort of states represents a diverse set of programs and different stages of implementation. Examples include state-level initiatives such as “innovation zones” and state-administered grants for competency-based pilots. Some states have been administering these programs for several years while some are just beginning.

Network Goals

The Network’s primary goal is to advance state efforts to identify and provide the support and regulatory relief schools need to develop more student-centered models. Through quarterly virtual and in-person convenings, participants will continuously explore common problems, brainstorm ideas and share best practices.

The Network focuses on issues common to all states, and ExcelinEd strives to locate and provide state and national resources. Through the Network, states can share lessons learned, access resources and collaborate on solutions.

The secondary goal of the Network is to identify and support effective communication and outreach efforts at the state, regional and local levels. Support and resources will be made available as needs are identified.

The Network will also help ExcelinEd and its partners ensure that policy development and advocacy plans are informed by state and local experience. Additionally, it will provide an opportunity to “pressure test” new policy proposals as they emerge.

Current States Participating

Participation Expectations

If you are a state interested in participating, please contact The expectations for participation include:

New Resources

Explore our newest resources below, or head over to ExcelinEd’s Next Generation Learning policy page to access our full library of resources related to innovation and pilot programs.