Fewer Tests, Better Tests

Quality assessments are essential elements of impactful school accountability, academic rigor and effective classroom instruction that prepares students for postsecondary success. However, parents and teachers have long argued that children are over-tested and that valuable instructional time is lost “teaching to the test.”  

Simple and effective policy changes can ensure assessments serve their real purpose: measuring student achievement and providing actionable results that improve instruction and student learning. Fewer, Better Tests policy solutions give teachers more time to teach while ensuring that parents and teachers have access to easy-to-understand information to help their students. 


Using State and Local to Assessments Strengthen Learning

Coherent systems of assessments include an annual standards-based state assessment of learning and locally selected assessments for learning.

“Rethink school accountability. The point of testing is to assess the progress of students and use the data to reward success and reverse failure. Measure what you care about and utilize technology to get the results back to teachers quickly.” 

Governor Jeb Bush

Founder and Chairman, ExcelinEd

“If we don’t have a strong accountability system, then students from low-income families and students of color will not receive the instruction and resources needed to be successful.”

Pam Stewart

Former Florida Commissioner of Education

Policy Solutions

Policy Toolkit

Parent & Teacher Surveys

Six 2016 surveys conducted by the Winston Group and Hill Research Consultants provide insight into how parents and teachers across the nation perceive testing.

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