2010 National Summit

November 30, 2010 - December 1, 2010

Roadmap to Reform: Destination Excellence

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

8:30AM-10:15AM General Session

State of the Movement

Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida 1999-2007, opens the third annual National Summit on Education

Reform with an update on state efforts to transform education, state by state, for the 21st century.

State of the States

10:30AM-11:45AM Strategy Sessions

Strategy Session #1: Download the Data on Teacher Effectiveness: Identifying Quality Teachers

Panelists will discuss how data on student learning can be used to measure and reward effective teaching. (Download session presentations)

Strategy Session #2: Mythbusters: Shattering Common Myths about Education Policy

Respected researchers from around the country will separate fact from fiction on policies, including class size, teacher certification, social promotion and funding. (Download session presentations)

Strategy Session #3: Building the Base: Gaining Ground with Moms and Dads

Pioneers in the reform movement will share their ground game for garnering the support of parents and the public in advancing bold education reform.

12:00PM-1:45PM Luncheon Keynote

Power Lunch

Hear the nation’s top CEOs talk about the importance of education on America’s competitiveness in the 21st century knowledge economy.

2:00PM-3:15PM Strategy Sessions

Strategy Session #4: Exit to Excellence: Florida’s Formula for Student Success

Panelists will present reforms that have led to rising student achievement in the Sunshine State. (Download session presentations)

Strategy Session #5: Unlocking the Potential of Technology to Customize Education: Transforming the Education Delivery System

Panelists will discuss innovative programs that use technology to tailor instruction to meet the needs of individual students. (Download session presentations)

Strategy Session #6: Teaching to the Top: Ensuring a Great Teacher in Every Classroom

Panelists will discuss recent efforts to reform teacher tenure and compensation. (Download session presentations)

3:30PM-4:45PM General Session

Necessity is the Mother of Innovation

Panelists will discuss innovative approaches to cutting costs without cutting quality. Topics include virtual learning, pension reform, outsourcing and school closure and consolidation. (Download session presentation)

7:00PM-9:00PM Dinner Keynote

The Honorable Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

8:00AM-9:15AM Breakfast Keynote

Sir Michael Barber: Lessons of Reform from the United Kingdom

Sir Michael Barber shares his secrets of success and lessons of reform during his service as Education advisor to United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Moderator: Chester E. Finn, Jr., President, Thomas B. Fordham Institute

9:30AM-10:30AM General Session

Roadmap to Education Everywhere

Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida 1999-2007, and Bob Wise, Governor of West Virginia 2001-2005, release principles, policies and recommendations of the Digital Learning Council, a diverse group of more than 100 leaders in education, government, philanthropy, business, technology and policy, that outlines the roadmap of reform for local, state and federal officials to advance digital learning.

10:45AM-12:00PM Strategy Sessions

Strategy Session #7: Reinventing High School: Preparing Students for Success in the 21st Century

Panelists will discuss innovative policies to move students to graduation and better prepare them for college, the workforce, and success inthe increasingly competitive global economy.

Strategy Session #8: Zoned for Excellence: Providing the Best Education for Every Student in America

Panelists will discuss the multiple school choice options, including tax credits, charter schools, virtual learning and vouchers. (Download session presentations)

12:15PM-1:45PM Lunch Keynote

Secretary Arne Duncan, U.S. Department of Education